Huobi Tech accompanies you in every market cycle


Investors have raised concerns about institutional insolvency amid crypto crash. Huobi Technology Holdings Limited (“Huobi Tech”, stock code: 1611.HK) adheres to the principles of "safety" and "compliance" since it stepped into the digital asset industry. We ensure effective risk management practices are implemented to achieve security, reliability, and resilience for our investors and users. Looking forward, we will continue to provide secure and compliant digital asset services for our investors and users.

All lines of business at Huobi Tech:

- Have NEVER invested in assets such as UST, LUNA, or DAI;

- Have NEVER participated in stETH related activities; 

- Have NO exposure to the above.

(As of June 16, 2022)

As an experienced participant in the digital assets industry, we are aware that market volatility is inevitable. However, we always believe operating our business with safety and compliance is the key to our long-term development. We will always adhere to strict risk control system during different market conditions.

Staying humble and making decisions on future development, Huobi Tech is looking forward to going through every market cycle with you.